Monday, 16 November 2015

Personal Reflection

Arthurspeaceblogspot has rarely contained frank comments on the articles that have been featured here. For the most part I have left these writers to speak their minds, believing that they have something important to say, something that we should take seriously even when we have doubts about parts thereof. But I expect it has been clear that I am not in the business of encouraging a warlike response to any of the crises that have been reported on our media in the last six years or so while this blog has been running.  In that time there has been a steady backward drift, with violence regularly meeting counter-violence, and the odds heavily weighted on the side of traditional power blocs and big money.

Now we have reached a new low in Paris. Surely some new thinking is called for, and a new voice that speaks of a creative way ahead, at  some cost no doubt, but not in more sophisticated military hardware, proxy wars, and fear of terrorists. At this moment I see little sign of that new voice that speaks to our need. But the two articles that follow this will emphasize how much we are in want of it.

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