Monday, 4 March 2013

A Name to Remember

Posted by Arthur Palmer               4 March, 2013
Bradley Manning’s name will be in the news for some time yet.  In fact it will be remembered long after most of today’s leading politicians have been forgotten by coming generations.  He has drawn aside the veil that concealed from public view the unlovely aspects of current wars.  On the home front only a sanitised and reassuring version of events was presented to viewers and readers by most of the media. Unseen were the faces of women and children who died, euphemistically described as regrettable collateral damage.  Unreported were the backroom deals that Manning was privy to.  He decided that the public should know.  That knowledge may well have been influential in bringing about the earlier withdrawal of combat troops. 
Both the Independent/UK and the Guardian/UK have printed forceful articles praising the courage and dedication of Pfc Bradley Manning.  (See below) It may not save him from a lengthy prison sentence. But his name will be honoured by history.

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